One beneficial tool for radiologists is using prior screenings to compare to current screenings and observe any changes. Incorporating priors into the AI’s consideration set, can the specificity of the AI improve? MammoScreen® set out to answer that question! 

In a recent study presented at RSNA 2021, from a dataset of over 50,000 screenings, with at least one prior in the range 6-18 months, and dissected to a subset of 5,848. From there, AI considered 858 studies as suspicious (MammoScreen score of 6 or higher). Of those cases, 536 were cancer positive, or 62%.

With the use of priors, for the highest suspicious scores, MammoScreen was able to almost double the amount of identified cancer cases without creating a false positive. MammoScreen utilizing priors can be used with more confidence for immediate recalls.

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