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With MammoScreen, radiologists are able to detect up to 47% of previously missed cancers*.

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* S.Pacilè, et al., (2021, November) MRMC 3D - Artificial Intelligence for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: A tool to enhance radiologist’s performance and efficiency. [conference presentation]. RSNA 2021
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Catch Cancer Earlier

In a study of more than 800k exams, MammoScreen caught 42% of visible cancers one year before diagnosis, and 38.5% of cancers two years before diagnosis*.

In the case example displayed here, the patient was diagnosed in 2015 with Stage 2A breast cancer, but had MammoScreen been used, the finding would have been identified on the screening two years prior.

* S.Pacilè, et al., (2022, November). A Novel Approach for the Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence on Consecutive Screening Mammograms. [conference presentation]. RSNA 2022

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