How it Works

MammoScreen® is an award winning AI-based software that assists in the detection of breast cancers during mammography screening.

• Clear, actionable score
• Zero click workflow
• 2D, 3D, and Priors
• Multiple integration options
• Cloud or on premise based installation

Read below to learn more about all of its benefits.

The MammoScreen Score™

Unique. Insightful. Actionable.

We provide a score for:
✓ Each finding    ✓ Each breast    ✓ Overall case

Scorebar - MammoScreen

This easy-to-read and easy-to-understand approach will help you with evaluation and triage of cases

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Priors Explained - MammoScreen

The Power of Priors!

To date we are the first, and only, software that incorporates a prior into consideration.

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Boost Confidence 🚀

MammoScreen is here to help you confirm what you find and alert you to additional areas of suspicion.

The MammoScreen Score provides clear direction to help you decide faster and more accurately, helping to be a second opinion.

Find more cancers and decrease variability between readers.

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Increase Efficiency

Reading screenings has never been easier – or faster – than it is with MammoScreen!

See how much time you can save in just 30 days by trying an On-Site Pilot.

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Example dashboard of time savings from actual clinical setting.

Integration Options


MammoScreen Widget


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MammoScreen Workflow

Information about on premise installation available upon request.

MammoScreen Workflow

Our vendor-neutral, zero-click workflow can be incorporated into your workflow with ease. For IT professionals, this is one of the simplest installations they will ever experience.

For radiologists, the work is all done behind the scenes, so
when you’re ready to read, MammoScreen is there for you!

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