The Power of Priors

MammoScreen is the only Artificial Intelligence software available that can incorporate priors into its algorithm’s consideration.

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Benefits of Priors

More Informed Data

More Accurate Reporting

Analyze Cases as a Rad Would

Priors Case Example

The following cases illustrate the increased data analysis of MammoScreen with priors.

The 2D evaluation by itself was determined to have an MS Score of 5.

Patient 2D Screening No PriorMS Score: 5

The 2D with prior was scored a 7 and determined that the change in mass was suspicious.

Patient 2D Screening WITH PriorMS Score: 7

The 3D evaluation by itself was determined to an MS Score of 7.

Patient 3D Screening No PriorMS Score: 7

When the 3D evaluation took place with the prior exam, the result was a 9.

Patient 3D Screening WITH PriorMS Score: 9

Frequently Asked Questions about Priors

MammoScreen began using priors in May 2022 and is still the only software that can incorporate priors into consideration.

The goal of incorporating priors is to evaluate lesion evaluation over time. The score may change based on the evolution or stability of the lesion. The overall accuracy of MammoScreen improves when incorporating priors.

If there is a prior exam available in the PACS, and it fits the criteria of being within 6 to 60 months of the current exam, MammoScreen will automatically pull the prior exam and take it into consideration.

Since the prior is pulled and sent into the algorithm at the same time, there is minimal impact to processing of cases.

The prior exam must have occurred within 6 to 60 months of the current exam.

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