Integration Options

Workflow Overview

Mammography studies (FFDM and/or DBT) head from your PACS or modality to a virtual gateway inside of your building. The de-identified and encrypted data is sent to our cloud and computed. A MammoScreen report is sent back to the gateway and routed to your viewer automatically. No patient information leaves your building. We are ISO 27001 Certified and HIPAA Compliant.

Information regarding on premise installation available upon request.

MammoScreen can be integrated in 3 main ways:

Widget – a movable unintrusive icon that provides a quick glance of the MammoScreen score as a case is loaded, and a full report if expanded.

DICOM SR – an overlay onto the viewer that locates the mark and can provide a score as well.

DICOM SC – a screen capture display within the viewer.

MammoScreen Widget

Small, quick notification of score
Expandable to see full results
Movable unintrusive icon; place wherever you choose
Score populates as you load case for review
Unintrusive but actionable


Overlaid within your viewer, similar to old CAD models
Marks available in 3D and 2D images
Score can be integrated in the patient worklist


Overview of both breasts displayed first (optional)
Integrated within the viewer (not available to patients)
Navigate through stack to see the details of the report

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