Award-winning MammoScreen® 2D&3D provides AI-guided decision-making support for breast cancer screening,
enabling you to decisively confirm what you suspect, detect what you potentially missed
and concentrate on questionable studies that need more attention.


For 2D&3D, MammoScreen® uses the proprietary MammoScreen Score™ to provide at-a-glance level-of-suspicion scoring of studies; confirming findings that are certain, and questionable cases that require further scrutiny.

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Confidence in your diagnosis - MammoScreen™

Confidence in
your diagnosis

Reading mammograms combines your skill and experience as a radiologist with multiple data inputs—lesion type, breast density and patient history. Each image demands deep, informed concentration. For 2D&3D, MammoScreen®’s AI software works alongside your viewer to give you additional confidence.

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With increasing workloads radiologists are expected to perform more reads in the same amount of time. MammoScreen® 2D&3D allows you to read benign cases in less time.

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Efficiency defined - MammoScreen
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