How does AI integrate in healthcare?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the term used to describe intelligence attributed to computers. It has been used as a substitute for human intelligence, as well as a tool to solve specific problems in many industries. 

As such, AI has naturally found its way into Healthcare where a number of issues could be helped by AI. AI quickly integrated all levels of patient care, from notetaking to diagnosis, treatment,  and even surgery (1). 

This is not only for cost saving reforms, but also for clear advantage for patients’ care. A 2016 American study highlights the assistance of AI in dose calculations for immunosuppressant drugs to give to organ patients (2), achieving both better care and more efficient use of costly resources 

How can AI make healthcare human again? 

With the increase in workload (3), budget considerations, and fewer healthcare professionals available, a rising concern is the dissociation between patient and doctor. Dr Eric Topol, in his latest book Deep Medicine(4), broaches the subject of this paradoxical separation. Therefore, by taking over daily tasks, from notetaking to scans, AI allows the healthcare professional to develop a real understanding of the case and of the patient. This could mean fewer burn-outs, more time saved, a higher satisfaction rate from patients, and a new way to practice medicine.(5) His idea can be summarized thusly: less time spent diagnosing the patients and more accurate test results mean more time to administer care and treatment to the patient. 


How can MammoScreen® contribute to this idea?

MammoScreen®, with its MammoScreen Score™, allows radiologists to read mammograms faster and confirms what you suspect, freeing up some time for you to pay attention to serious cases. Discover more about our product MammoScreen® here.


AI can accelerate your workload, find more cancers and can certainly alleviate some of the stress of constant interruptions. Book a free, 10-minute demo today.


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