Case of the Week (week 10, 2024)

Mammography on a patient with implants. 


An external focal density left, non-specific, not spiculated appears in tomosynthesis on the CC and is not found on the oblique incidence. 


The ultrasound made because of the prostheses, makes it possible to discover an ACR4 mass of 18 mm external left, in topographic concordance with the focal density. 

This mass turns out to be an infiltrating cancer. 

MammoScreen had retained in score 5 this focal density on CC tomosynthesis, giving valuable information to the radiologist if he had not done ultrasound because of the prostheses.

Although MammoScreen is not validated for use on breast implants, the software could not miss this cancer during mammography and was not disturbed by the presence of implants on the MLO. 


Imagerie Médicale Mermoz (Dr Tourasse)