Early detection is crucial no matter which cancer is being examined. Research has proven that screenings for breast cancer play an important role in the treatment process. 3D screenings have increased the power of screenings and AI will make screenings even more efficient.

In a study presented at RSNA 2021, Therapixel presented that MammoScreen® was able to help reduce reading time on 3D screenings. In batch readings this could lead to reading an additional 700+ cases per month! This could also mean more time is available to radiologists to get through more screenings, allow them to study other cases longer, or work on other areas of need during the day. 

Additionally, during the study it was found that the use of MammoScreen increased the sensitivity by two percentage points and the specificity by five percentage points. Extrapolated on a national average, using MammoScreen, radiologists could find up to 6,600 more cancers per year. Not only will more cancers be found, but it was identified that MammoScreen use could help reduce the national recall rate by three percentage points, saving patient’s time and anxiety.

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