Case of the week (week 8, 2023)

The MammoScreen Score™ results on the same patient are indicative of breast cancer.

Here is a prospective case showing the evolution of the Mammoscreen Score™ on successive screenings (February 2018 and November 2020) of a 58-year-old patient with no personal or family history of breast cancer.


In February 2018, an ACR2-rated screening exam was performed, the MammoScreen Score™ was of 3, with no specific suspicions on the left.

In November 2021, a new screening exam was performed.

The MammoScreen Score™ increased from 3 to 7 due to the appearance of a 7mm in the left breast.

The ultrasound confirms an atypical left 6.9 mm inferior-internal nodule that was the subject of an echo guided biopsy.

Histological examination confirmed infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade I, RO+, RP-, Ki-67 15%, HER2 score -, luminal phenotype B.