Case of the week (week 13, 2022)


There are scattered areas of fibro-glandular density.  There is a 6 mm nodular asymmetry with irregular margins in the deep outer right breast seen in the cc projection. There are a few associated small calcifications. 

MammoScreen®: A collocated mass with micro calcifications is detected in both the RIGHT CC and RIGHT MLO.  The system gave it a MammoScreen ScoreTM of 6.  No detections observed in the left breast, it is scored a 1.

MAMMOGRAM FINDINGS: Subtle focus of asymmetric distortion appearing to contain a few indeterminate calcifications are confirmed at approximate 12:00 in the right breast half way back.   

ULTRASOUND FINDINGS: Ultrasound performed on the right breast. At approximately 11:00 8-9 cm from the nipple is a subtle hypoechoic structure containing calcifications.