For something that’s as front and center in any conversation about radiology as artificial intelligence, a lot of practices are still in wait-and-see mode. The thinking might go something like sure, AI has promise…in the future. But right now, we’re not really up for a disruptive technology in our practice. The last thing we need is disruption. Who’s got time for that?!

And that brings up an important point: The whole reason—or at least a major reason—for bringing AI into your practice now, is its power to help you in your job with both the repetitive tasks and the difficult decisions.

Another thing to keep in mind is that incorporating AI is not necessarily a big, expensive proposition that is difficult to deploy. A software- as-a-service (SaaS) based AI tool, such as award-winning MammoScreen™* , incorporates seamlessly into your workflow, is always up-to-date, and for just a few dollars per case.

Let’s take a look at how AI can take your practice to the next level—not someday, but now.

1. Boosts efficiency
The economics of a radiology practice depend on the ability to process cases quickly and efficiently. AI can be extremely helpful here, supporting more streamlined decision-making by radiologists. In mammography, for instance, MammoScreen can greenlight cases that are clearly normal, confirming radiologists’ reads and providing an extra measure of confidence. This allows them to move through a large number of cases quickly–and spend time on the ones that need more attention.

2. Provides a safety net
Catching suspicious areas that might otherwise be missed because of fatigue, inexperience or human error is something AI can do well—and it’s getting better all the time. Having AI software as an always-on-hand second opinion can help improve accuracy and lower the risk of both false positives and false negatives. This can be especially helpful with less experienced radiologists. In fact, MammoScreen software is often referred to as a proficiency tool.

3. Improves radiologists’ QoL
It’s no secret that radiologists are stressed. They work long hours, under pressure to be fast and accurate, and a lot rides on their reads. AI allows them to move more efficiently, and with increased confidence, through cases; which can relieve pressure, and generally improve their quality of life.

4. Increases patient satisfaction
Women want to know their screening mammogram results as quickly as possible. They do not want to go through the needless stress and anxiety of a false positive reading. And they certainly don’t want something suspicious to be missed. By streamlining your workflow and supporting improved accuracy, the benefits of MammoScreen extend directly to your patients.

5. Shows leadership
As you compete for talent and patients, being known as a practice that innovates, using technological advances such as MammoScreen to provide better care and a better work environment positions you as a leader in the profession. That kind of leadership sets you up for growth today, and success in the future.

*MammoScreen is the winner of the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge, the only global contest ever organized that gathered over 1,200 participants.