What could make Tomo even better?

Tomosynthesis (3D) has been around for sometime now. Studies have shown (1) that tomosynthesis finds more cancers and reduces call backs. So what could possibly make 3D any better?

3D + AI

Therapixel conducted a clinical study earlier this year. Twenty radiologists were asked to read 240 tomo screening exams twice, with and without utilizing MammoScreen® AI. All physicians were breast imaging specialists from university hospitals and private mammography facilities, with a broad range of experience.  

The study results proved that, when combining 3D with MammoScreen®, both the CDR and RR were improved.  The study also validated the use of the AI system to improve the radiologists reading time, typically for the benign cases in which radiologists felt more confident reading faster. 

The radiologists were interviewed after using MammoScreen® as part of this clinical study, and were asked what they found MammoScreen® most useful for. The results are summarized below:

This combination of 3D and AI takes breast cancer screening to a whole new level: it is now possible to find more cancers and read faster at the same time.


The MammoScreen Score


MammoScreen Score™ provides at-a-glance level-of-suspicion scoring of studies, confirming findings that are certain, and questionable cases that require further scrutiny. This makes utilization of this product so simple!

Identification using the MammoScreen Score™ is easy: Green is Low suspicion, Yellow means concentrate on concerns, and Red indicates High suspicion. 

How does this help you? See the chart below:

Furthermore, when the case score is worrisome, the AI points only to the most suspicious findings and their location within the 3D stack. This allows the physician to not only navigate quickly to the most relevant tomo slice but also offers a full traceability and explainability of the AI’s opinion. The radiologists’ accuracy and workflow are therefore concurrently improved.

MammoScreen AI for 3D is the very best aid in cancer detection.


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