Arterys, a Tempus company, has announced a US and EU distribution agreement with Therapixel, a medical imaging software company providing AI solutions for efficiently and accurately identifying breast cancer lesions. The partnership aims to expand access to Therapixel’s AI-powered breast health solutions, specifically their flagship product, MammoScreen®, via Arterys’ platform. The collaboration brings a unique breast solution with multiple features that address different needs, from automated detection to analytics, and compliance.

Who is Therapixel?

Therapixel is a medical imaging software company specialized in providing AI solutions to help physicians efficiently and accurately identify breast cancer lesions. Their flagship product, MammoScreen, is FDA-cleared and CE marked for both 2D and 3D screenings and has been trained to recognize cancer lesions on hundreds of thousands of cases annotated by breast radiology experts.

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Key Features of MammoScreen

MammoScreen’s key features is the detection and characterization of suspicious breast cancer lesions. This is then reported as a lesion, breast and case unique score and colored scale. Additionally, their unique advantage provides the option to incorporate prior cases, allowing for the identification of up to 27% of cancer up to two years before diagnosis.

Goals of the Partnership

The partnership’s goal is to make essential features from key partners available to physicians to maximize the effectiveness of breast cancer diagnosis and management. Additionally, the partnership aims to bring new features and enrich Arterys’ Breast AI solution, answer customer requests for a specific product with a cloud infrastructure, and become the only breast solution in the market with multiple features that address different needs, from automated detection to analytics, compliance, and genetics.

Therapixel CEO Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet remarks:

“I am excited by this new partnership with Arterys. Our industry-leading AI-based decision support software for breast cancer detection is now available on the Arterys platform. By integrating MammoScreen into the Arterys platform, we are making our technology more accessible to healthcare providers and ultimately helping more women receive timely and accurate diagnoses.

At Therapixel, we are committed to supporting cost-efficient breast cancer screening programs, and this collaboration with Arterys is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

Virginie Ehrmann, Senior Global Product Manager with Arterys, observes:

“Adding MammoScreen components in our Breast AI solution is a key asset for breast cancer detection.

Our ultimate goal with Breast AI is to make available different essential features from key partners to be most effective with diagnosing and managing patients. This is in line with our vision of enabling the delivery of precision medicine, providing personalized healthcare to millions of patients” .

This partnership will advance the fight against breast cancer by providing innovative, effective, and efficient AI-powered solutions to physicians and patients globally.

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