Bringing AI into your radiology practice can not only positively impact your workflow, but push the standard of care for mammography to the next level. AI in radiology has many positive impacts. In fact, the AI market in healthcare is set to see compound annual growth of 40% through this year. 

As you evaluate bringing AI to your mammography practice, we’ve compiled a short list of important stats to consider in making that decision.

AI helps save healthcare costs

Artificial intelligence technology can many times alleviate the need for CapEX in that the tech is many times sold as SaaS (software as a service) with low investments upfront and subscription-based fee models.

  • Key healthcare AI applications have the potential to create $150 billion in annual savings for the U.S. healthcare economy by 2026 (Accenture)

AI supports productivity

Implementing AI in mammography can help clear patient backlogs, reduce the need for additional patient callbacks and possibly increase scan assessment turnaround times.

Adoption and use of AI in radiology

You don’t need to change your entire workflow to adopt features in AI to your radiology practice. While some users bring AI technology into practice to improve workflow, most use AI to help with disease detection.

  • One-third of organizations use AI in medical imaging with imaging centers leading the way at 34.7% (Health IT Analytics)
  • Nearly 93% of organizations that use AI do so for computer-aided detection of disease states (Health IT Analytics)
  • The second (26.5% of users) most common use of AI in radiology is to improve workflow (Health IT Analytics)

While AI use is not yet universal for medical imaging, it is growing at a rapid pace and developing new skills for the tools used to augment this area can help take your mammography practice to the next level. Understanding the trends in this area can also spark new questions and curiosity. When evaluating bringing AI into your practice, consider the needs of your facility as well as the needs of your patients. These five ways to evaluate AI performance are a good starting point.

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