3D Case of the Day (# 4, 2021)

MammoScreen® is utilized to confirm a benign diagnosis. 

Case from our clinical study where we compared the performances of radiologists reading with and without MammoScreen 3D.

Clustered microcalcifications in the upper outer quadrant at the junction of the middle and posterior third of the breast were identified on the baseline mammogram by the original reader.

The follow-up examination recommended a stereotactic biopsy of the microcalcifications. Results diagnosed the area of microcalcifications and surrounding tissue were benign.

MammoScreen correctly flagged this cluster on the mammogram with a score of 4 (low suspicion). During the reader study, 5 radiologists did not recall this case unassisted against 12 utilizing MammoScreen. MammoScreen assisted radiologists in confirming that this cluster of calcification was benign.
Moreover, utilizing MammoScreen, the reading time for this case was reduced by 29% on average.

MammoScreen helped radiologists to avoid a false positive recall.