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(PARIS, FRANCE) October 16, 2020 – Therapixel, a software company specializing in artificial intelligence applied to breast cancer screening , today announced a new partnership with the radiology nonprofit organization, RAD-AID International,  to help expand artificial intelligence (AI) for resource-poor hospitals in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The collaboration donates and supports AI for making breast cancer screening more accessible and available in impoverished regions of the world. The collaboration brings together Therapixel’s innovative AI software for mammography with RAD-AID’s effort to teach and deliver AI in low-resource radiology institutions facing barriers to the adoption of AI.

In this program, RAD-AID’s partner sites in LMICs can receive Therapixel software in their educational collaborations with RAD-AID teams. Interdisciplinary teams of RAD-AID’s radiologists/physicians, technologists, nurses, physicists, public health specialists, and IT professionals can help low resource hospitals to gain experience in AI methods, appraise AI for safety and effectiveness, and then gradually implement AI in ways that benefit patients. This collaboration from RAD-AID is part of a global program in which many AI vendors, labs, cloud providers, and technology companies are invited to contribute to RAD-AID AI Global Health outreach initiative. This integrates with RAD-AID’s other programs for donating health IT platforms, including Picture Archiving and Communications (PACS).

“We are very excited to start this partnership with Rad-Aid. Technology alone cannot yet bridge the disparities of access to care. However, by supporting radiologists across the world, it can contribute to saving lives. Artificial intelligence has the power to transform the way breast care is delivered. No country should be left behind and those types of partnerships should be part of every AI-company’s oath of ethics. ” said Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, CEO of Therapixel.

“Integrating clinical education, infrastructure, and AI in low-resource hospitals is essential for making AI impactful for medically underserved communities,” said Dr. Daniel J. Mollura, CEO of RAD-AID. “AI has high potential for increasing medical services in historically underserved communities, and the first step to that future is to prepare hospitals with training on AI methods and platforms.”

About Therapixel

Therapixel is a French company specialized in the design and commercialization of AI-powered medical imaging software, with the goal of delivering pertinent information at the right time to healthcare professionals. Winner of the Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge in 2017, the global competition on breast cancer detection with AI, Therapixel has developed MammoScreen™, a software that helps with the interpretation of screening mammograms. With MammoScreen™, even experienced radiologists can improve their performance, feel more confident in their judgment and reassure women quicker. Find more at www.mammoscreen.com

About RAD-AID International

RAD-AID International is a nonprofit (501c3) charitable organization with the mission of increasing and improving radiology and medical imaging for medically underserved regions. RAD-AID delivers radiology education and training through on-site and hands-on teaching of healthcare workers in low and middle-income countries (LMICs), as well as low-resource facilities in medically underserved communities of high-income countries. RAD-AID designs, builds, and implements healthcare infrastructure, imaging equipment, and radiology technology, integrated with clinical training, to accomplish vital radiology capacity-building. The organization consists of over 12,000 volunteers and 78 university-based medical center chapters and operates global health outreach programs in 35 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. As radiology is vital to most health services, such as cancer treatment, maternal-fetal monitoring, heart disease care, and trauma response, RAD-AID improves the accessibility, safety, and quality of radiology worldwide as an anchor for improving global health. Learn more at www.rad-aid.org

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