How can MammoScreen® help radiologists in their daily practice? Therapixel conducted an in-depth study* to understand and quantify the clinical benefits for both the radiologist and the practice. This study was conducted using version 1.0 of the MammoScreen software, which has since been upgraded to version 1.2. This new version includes improved algorithms which further increase MammoScreen’s overall performance.

Increase reader confidence

Rendering a diagnosis on your own can be very stressful. The use of MammoScreen® as a concurrent reader during the clinical evaluation increases reader confidence by as much as 53% by categorizing the level of suspicion for both low and high suspicion cases. The study results confirmed that when radiologists evaluated cases that had a high level of suspicion, MammoScreen®’s assessments helped them increase their level of suspicion 41% of the time. Conversely, when evaluating cases with a low level of suspicion, the radiologists’ level of suspicion was lowered 53% of the time.

Improve detection

MammoScreen® helps radiologists in interpreting difficult cases and detect more cancers. The study concluded that the average false-negative rate was reduced by 3.5% without affecting the radiologists’ specificity.

Reduce inter-reader variability

In addition to improving the individual's performance, the use of MammoScreen® could also help decrease the inter-reader variability and thus improve consistency. The study revealed that the intraclass correlation coefficient, assessing the agreement between radiologists, was reduced by 13.7%.

Improve efficiency

Radiologists spent less time reading cases categorized by MammoScreen® as low suspicion (scores from 1 to 4) which can represent up to 80% of your screening population. The study demonstrated a 7% reduction in reading time for this category of cases.

* S. Pacilè, J. Lopez, P. Chone, T. Bertinotti, J. M. Grouin, and P. Fillard, “Improving Breast Cancer Detection Accuracy of Mammography with the Concurrent Use of an Artificial Intelligence Tool,” Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, vol. 2, no. 6, p. e190208, Nov. 2020, doi: 10.1148/ryai.2020190208.

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