Capital investment vs. operational expenses: An overview of AI cost models

Implementing medical imaging AI can boost the competitiveness of your practice but may incur excessive costs. Choosing the right payment model can make a big difference.

Case of the week (week 14, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

AI and CAD in breast imaging MammoScreen

AI vs. CAD in breast imaging: The differences between the two

While AI and CAD both aim at assisting radiologists in the analysis and interpretation of medical images, they are not the same. What makes them different? Let’s take a deep dive to understand.

Case of the week (week 13, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

Visit-Therapixel-SBI-2021- MammoScreen

Visit us virtually at SBI/ACR Breast Imaging Symposium 2021

Learn more about the award-winning MammoScreen® AI at the virtual exhibition

Case of the week (week 12, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

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