Reduces Callbacks

It’s a second set of eyes that adds a safety net to your practice.

Empowers Radiologists

Accurate, actionable interface boosts your confidence, helping you achieve the highest standard of care

Seamless Workflow

Vendor-neutral zero-click workflow easily fits into your existing infrastructure, with at-a-glance access to results.

Improves Productivity

Move faster on benign cases and focus attention on suspicious studies

The MammoScreen Score™: Actionable and trustful indication of suspicious cases

At your side and extremely accurate, the uniquely actionable MammoScreen Score™ provides quick and reliable confirmation of what you suspect and needs more attention. This gives you increased certainty in your diagnosis.

MammoScreen™ provides a high level of interpretability.

Tracking Malignancy

The level of suspicion given by MammoScreen™ is easily interpretable. Results are by construction consistent at the finding, breast and mammogram level. It is always possible to track down a high suspicion of malignancy for a mammogram to the corresponding breast(s), and to a specific finding within the breast(s).

Know the Score

Knowing the Score

MammoScreen Score™ is calibrated so you can have high confidence in cases with extreme scores. Mammograms given a score from 1 to 4 are very unlikely to contain cancers. Cases with a score from 7 to 10 are very likely to be malignant. For scores of 5 or 6, the AI software relies on the help of the expert eyes of the Radiologist to draw a conclusion. These are cases where you will take a closer look and use the software as a detection tool.

7 to 10 are very likely to be malignant
5 or 6 draw a conclusion with a Radiologist
1 to 4 are very unlikely to contain cancers

Real Impact
on Women

MammoScreen™ enables radiologists to enhance their diagnostic accuracy, lowering the number of unnecessary recalls.

Fewer Recalls

As a consequence, more screened women get a “benign findings” diagnosis right after the first mammography examination, without being recalled or having to undergo additional images and/or needless biopsies.

Faster diagnosis

MammoScreen™ rapidly and precisely analyzes a large number of breast images and immediately displays the results to a radiologist. With a high level of confidence in the software, physicians spend less time on interpreting normal mammograms – and women can get their results quicker.

Read easy cases faster

With increasing workloads and decreasing staff, you may be expected to perform more reads in the same amount of time. The MammoScreen Score™ lets you read faster, spending less time interpreting non-suspicious images.

Safety Net

MammoScreen™ gives you confirmation and confidence with your findings, improving womens’ experience and chances for successful treatment.

Less fatigue

Reading studies takes concentration and effort. MammoScreen™ shows you where you need to focus, saving your energy for the cases that need more attention.

Enhanced patient care

By aiding radiologists in detecting breast cancers at the earliest stage and reducing recall rates, MammoScreen™ helps improve patient satisfaction and experience.

Cost efficient

MammoScreen™’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model lets you make the most of a limited IT budget, giving clinicians access to the latest technology and professional support, with payment based on volume of exams processed.

Improved productivity

With MammoScreen™, physicians can improve their mammogram reading accuracy and speed, boosting efficiency without a big investment.

Reproducible reading baseline

With large mammogram volumes, peer-to-peer cross-validation and training is not feasible. Always consistent, MammoScreen™ helps reduce inter-reader and over-day variability.

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