Improved productivity

MammoScreen® helps improve both speed and accuracy, enabling faster reads on benign cases and greater focus on suspicious ones.

Increased confidence

Accurate, actionable, at-a-glance interface allows improved confidence and proficiency.

Reduced fatigue

A tireless second set of eyes, MammoScreen®’s expert support may help mitigate the pressure and fatigue that radiologists often experience.

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Fewer recalls

By enhancing diagnostic accuracy, MammoScreen® enables more women to get their benign diagnosis without unnecessary callbacks, imaging or biopsies.

Faster diagnosis

MammoScreen® enables physicians to read images with a high degree of confidence. They can spend less time interpreting normal mammograms, and patients get their results faster.

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Enhanced patient care

By supporting the early detection of breast cancers and reducing recall rates, MammoScreen® helps enhance patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Cost efficient for any practice

MammoScreen®’s SaaS model lets you make the most of a limited technology budget, with payment based on the number of exams processed.

Seamless integration

Vendor-neutral workflow fits easily into your existing infrastructure.

Reproducible reading baseline

Always consistent, MammoScreen® helps reduce inter-reader and over-day variability.

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