The impact of AI in radiology: Stats to know

As you evaluate bringing AI to your mammography practice, we’ve compiled a short list of important stats to consider in making that decision.

Case of the week (week 20, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

Evaluate AI MammoScreen

5 ways to evaluate AI performance

Which factors should you consider when comparing AI performances? Here are five actionable pieces of advice.

Case of the week (week 19, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

Integrating AI into existing radiology workflows: You don’t need to change everything

Some radiologists may argue that workflows are not optimized until AI (artificial intelligence) is fully integrated, but to us, AI doesn’t have to be all or nothing. While deep integration of AI can be helpful, it is not the only way to be successful.

Case of the week (week 18, 2021)

MammoScreen® in clinical practice

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